Seward United Methodist Church
Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Covid-19 Yellow Phase Guidelines

In-person worship has resumed at Seward United Methodist.   Please read and observe the following guidelines.


The current state plan is built around red, yellow, and green phases. We have moved to the yellow phase, and gatherings of up to 25 people are now permitted. (There are no guidelines about crowd size in the green phase.)


1. We will have hand sanitizer available at a few places in the church and encourage hand-washing before and after worship.
2. Worshippers are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer.
3. Personal greetings should be no-touch greetings. No handshakes, hugs, etc.
4. Social distancing guidelines remain in effect. Please sit only with members of your own household and allow six feet of space between your family and other worshippers. Sit at opposite ends of a pew and leave at least one empty pew between those in front and behind.
5. Masks or other face coverings are encouraged for all worshippers.
6. Singing will not be encouraged until we are in the green phase. The lyrics to the hymns will still be displayed for meditative purposes. The choir will not sing until fall, at the earliest.
7. Food and fellowship times will be suspended until we are in the green phase.
8. Children’s Moments will be suspended until we are in the green phase.
9. Offerings will not be collected. Instead an offering plate will be available in the narthex.
10. Bulletins will be available in the narthex, but greeters will not handle them or pass them to worshippers.
11. Worshippers are encouraged not to use hymnals until we are in the green phase.
12. Communion may not be done until we are in the green phase. If it is done, the cups will be placed in the altar rail spaced apart by the communion steward, and the pastor will distribute the bread. Those handling communion will use hand sanitizer before doing so.
13. The service will continue to be live-streamed on our Facebook group page for those uncomfortable with attending live worship. Individuals in high-risk categories or with complicating medical conditions are encouraged to continue virtual participation.
14. After each worship service, commonly touched surfaces (door handles, bathrooms, microphones) will be cleaned.
15. A microphone will not be used for the sharing of joys & concerns. The pastor will repeat them, if necessary for everyone to hear.
16. Worshippers should stay home and attend online if they feel ill, have a fever, cough, etc.
17. If attendance is consistently over 25 during the yellow phase, we will explore the option of a second worship service until we are in the green phase.

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