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"To Be A Disciple..."
2016 Community Service & Picnic
A Baptism of Good News
A Case of Mistaken Identity
A Child of God
A Child-Like Faith
A Friend of God or the World?
A God-Filled Imagination
A Kingdom Not of This World
A Meaningful World
A Moment of Clarity
A New and United Humanity
A New Humanity (Easter Sunrise)
A Non-Conformist Life
A Pretty Picture?
A Problem With Authority
A Recipe For Disciple Making
A Revolution In Humility
A Servant to All
A Story for All
A Story Worth Hearing
A Theology of Giving
A Transformed Life
A Victory Assured
A Vulnerable God?
A Watchful Life
A Work of God
Abundance In Christ
Adding to the Healing and Not the Hurting
All People are Acceptable
All Things Together For Good
An Economy of Grace
April 26, 2020
Are We Alone?
Ash Wednesday Service at Armagh UMC
Bad Decisions
Be Prepared
Being Ready for Good News
Being Wise With Wealth
Blessed By God
Born From Above
Born of the Virgin Mary
Breaking the Cycle of Hatred, Part 1
Breaking the Cycle of Hatred, Part 2
But What Can I Do?
By Grace Alone
By Water and the Spirit
Called to God's Mission
Called Up for Service
Can These Bones Live Again?
Changed by Grace
Channels for Grace
Children of God
Christ Alone
Christian Morality
Christian Unity
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve 2015 Dramatic Readings
Christmas Eve Meditation 2015
Christ's Ambassadors
Claimed by God
Clinging to God
Comfort and Encouragement
Comfortable Christianity
Coming Into the Kingdom
Community Service at Trinity Presbyterian
Covenant Faithfulness
Crossing Boundaries
Darkness Into Light
Dealing with Doubt
Death Doesn't Get the Last Word
Decision Leads to Division
Denying Christ
Do All the Good You Can
Do All the Good You Can (9/29/2019)
Do Not Forget
Do You Know the Father's Heart?
Doing Right in All Circumstances August 23, 2020
Don't Take It For Granted
Doubt and Faith
Dressed For Easter
Dressed for the Occasion
Dual Citizenship
Dying Churches Don't Think Outside Their Own Walls
Dying Churches Focus on Their Own Comfort
Dying Churches Live in the Past
Dying to Live
Dyinng Churches Don't Have a Clear Sense of Purpose
Easter Sunday April 12, 2020
Empty Ritualism
Ending Well
Eternal Life Transcends Death
Evaluating By Worldly Standards
Experiencing Shalom
Faith (8/25/19)
Faith and Community
Faith and Conflict
Faith and Good Works
Faith and Sight
Faith Formation
Faith Under Pressure
Faith, Love, and Salvation
Fallen From Goodness
Fertile Soil For Growth
Filled With The Spirit of God
Finding Ourselves in God
Finding Strength in God
Fixing Church 2: Passion
Fixing Church 3: Compassion
Fixing Church 4: Fellowship
Fixing Church 5: Worship
Fixing Church 6: Word
Fixing Church 7- Spirit
Fixing Church: Beginnings
Following Jesus
Following Jesus on His Terms
Following the Spirit's Leading
For All People
For Such A Time As This
For the Least of These
Forgiveness and Reconciliation
Free To Love
Freedom and Responsibility
Friends of the Highest King
Gaining What We Can't Lose
Generation to Generation
Get Ready for His Coming
Gifted by the Spirit
Giving God All We Have
Go And Tell
God at the Center
God Calls Us All
God Is Still God
God With Us
God-Centered Living
God-Centered Living
Godly Wisdom
God's Cure for the Disease of Sin
God's Desire to Heal
God's Secret Plan
God's Still On the Throne
God's Work Through Ordinary Lives
God's Work, Our Hands
Going On To Perfection
Going Overboard
Good Friday 2019 at Armagh UMC
Good News For All
Good News For All
Good News for All (Feb 3 2019)
Good News For Whom?
Good News or Bad?
Good Out Of Evil
Good Stewards of God's Gifts
Grace for the Gracious September 13, 2020
Grace is Greater
Great Expectations
Greater Things In Store
Grieving With Hope
Grumbling In The Wilderness
Having the Attitude of Christ
Having the Same Attitude as Christ
Having the Same Attitude As Christ (April 14, 2019)
He Makes All Things New
Hearing From God
Hearing God
Help Us Help Each Other
Hold On To What Lasts
Holding On
Honoring Christ
Honoring the Body
Hope 6/14/2020
Humility and Justification
Humility and Obedience
Hungry and Thirsty for God
Identified With Christ
Idle Talk or Amazing Grace?
Idols and Obedience
Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery
Imitators of Christ
In Search of Greatness
In the Midst of the Storm
In the Wilderness July 19, 2020
In Whose Image?
Incarnational Ministry
Is Jesus the Only Way?
Is the Gospel Foolishness?
Jesus As Priest
Jesus' Authority
Jesus' Baptism and Our Baptism
Jesus' Family
Jesus the Healer
Jesus, Our High Priest
Jesus, Our High Priest
Jesus, the Revolutionary
Just a Shepherd?
Keep Watching
Kingdom and World
Knowing and Approaching God
Knowing and Walking in Truth
Let Him Go
Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So
Life and Death
Life In The Spirit
Life In The Spirit
Life Is Uncertain, But Death Is Not
Life out of Death
Life Through Death
Light & Sound
Live In The Day
Living Advent
Living By The Spirit
Living By the Spirit
Living for the Things That Last
Living In The Light
Living In the Shadow of Eternity
Living in the Shadow of Eternity
Living In The Truth
Living in Two Kingdoms
Living Out the Watchful Life
Living the Non-Conformist Life
Living With Multiple Loyalties
Looking for the Promised Land
Looking for the Promised Land
Lost and Found
Love (Dec. 20. 2015)
Love and Discipleship
Love and Obedience
Love God
Love One Another
Love Your Enemies
Love Your Neighbor
Love Your Neighbor (2)
Love, the Supreme Christian Virtue
Love: The Essential Christian Virtue
Loving Each Other September 30, 2020
Loving Jesus
Loving Like Jesus
Loving Our Neighbors, Even Our Enemies
Made In The Image of God
Many Rooms In My Father's House
Matters of the Heart
Maundy Thursday Meditation 2016
May 10, 2020
Meditation on Titus 2: 11-14
Minority Report
Missing the Forest for the Trees
Mountain Top Moments
Much with Little August 2, 2020
Never Underestimate God
Never Underestimate God
Never underestimate God
New Life
No Easy Discipleship
Obedience of the Heart
On The Mountain With God
On The Way to Emmaus
One Body?
One New Humanity
Our Heroes
Our Mutual Friend, Jesus
Partial Victories
Passing The Mantle
Patient Faith
Peace in the Storms
Pleasing to God
Praying For the Harvest
Prejudice and Favoritism
Prepared for His Coming
Prepared for His Coming Part Two
Prepared for the End
Proclaiming Jesus Until He Comes Again
Promise, Faith, and Grace
Putting Away Our Idols
Qualifications for God's Messengers
Raised With The Spirit
Ready For the End
Ready to Wait
Relationship over Rules
Remember Whose You Are
Remember Your Baptism
Repentance in Action
Responding to God's Invitation
Responding to the Truth
Reverencing God's House
Rising Above
Rivers of Living Water
Running Together
Safely Home to God
Salt & Light
Saved to the Uttermost
Second Chances
Security In Christ
Seeing the Blessings
Seeing The Light
Seeing the Resurrection
Seeking Peace
Seeking the Lost
Shared Leadership
Sharing the Good News
Sharing the Good News (2)
Should I Not Pity?
Sin and Trust
Slavery to Adoption
Slavery to Freedom
Small Things
Soil Testing
Sovereign Grace
Spiritual Blindness
Spiritual Health
Standing Up To Temptations
Starting with Jesus
Stewardship of Creation
Substituting Religion for Faithfulness
Suffering and Redemption
Taking the First Step
Taming God
Taming the Tongue
Temptations of Religion
Testing (March 10 2019)
The Armor of God
The Bread of Life
The Day of the Lord
The Debt of Love
The Demands of the Kingdom of God
The Family of God
The Gift of Fatherhood
The Gift of God
The God Who Comes
The Good Shepherd
The Good Shepherd May 3, 2020
The Grace and Patience of God
The Great Commission
The Growth of the Kingdom
The Highest Throne
The Hope of Peace
The Imitation of Christ
The Impossible
The Indispensable Resurrection
The Jesus Prescription for Conflict Resolution
The Journey of Faith
The Law of the Kingdom
The Light Has Come
The New Humanity
The Parable of the Prodigal Family
The Paradox of Jesus the King
The Path To Greatness
The Power of Experience
The Power of Words
The Priesthood of Jesus
The Restoration Business
The Resurrection: Essential and Credible
The Right Time
The Sacrifice God Wants
The Sins of Favoritism and Discrimination
The Spirit for All
The Spirit's Work
The Visit of the Magi
The Voice of Satan
The Vows of Membership- Prayers
The Vows of Membership- Presence
The Vows of Membership- Service
The Vows of Membership- Witness
The Way of Faith and Promise
The Wisdom of God
The Word Became Flesh
Transforming Church- Being Missional
Transforming Church- Code
Transforming Church- Community
Transforming Church- Reinvention
Transforming Moments
True and False Piety
True and False Piety
True Work
Two Become One
Unity Sunday at Valley Grace Brethren
Unlikely Witnesses
Until the Master Returns
Using Our Gifts
Using Wealth
Visions of Jesus
Wandering from the Truth
Water to Wine
We Are Never Alone
We Must All Stand Before Christ
We Too May Fall
Weapons of Righteousness
Welcoming the Stranger, Welcoming God
Wesley's Covenant Renewal Service 2015
What Do We Value The Most?
What Is Sin?
What Will You Give the World for Christmas?
What's On Your Christmas List?
When God Calls
When It Feels Like the End...
Where Do We Put Our Confidence?
Where There Is Jesus There Is Peace
Who Are You?
Who Do You Say That I Am?
Who Is Jesus?
Who Is This God?
Who Will Free Me?
Who's On the Throne?
Whose Are You?
Whose Are You?
Whose Friend Are You?
Why Believe in the Resurrection?
Why Choose to Follow Jesus?
Why Does the Ascension Matter?
Why Does the Resurrection Matter?
Why the Incarnation?
Wisdom and Foolishness
Wise Stewardship
Word & Spirit
Work and Rest
Worship the King
Worshipping God and Not Religion
You Must Be Born Again
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Pastor Scott's biographical statement
Sewing Ministries
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